What is Paisley Raye?

What is Paisley Raye?

What is Paisley Raye? 

What is Paisley Raye? Come find out! www.DarkSideFashion.com

Well, I would like to think this question won't get asked in the future because everyone will know!

Paisley Raye is a clothing company located in California and founded by two women who have plenty of experience in the fashion and business world (Thank god)! This company is small (Like less than 150 stylists right now) and just getting started but has so much to offer. EVERYTHING is made right here in the USA! This is something they will never change as they are passionate about keeping business right here in our own country and because of this there will be a cap at some point on stylists. Also, this was important to me, not a religious or faith based company (Not saying they aren't religious, just that it's not a factor in their business and they do a great job keeping their personal lives separate).

Paisley Raye is constantly releasing new styles and prints to keep up with the current fashion industry trends. This is higher-end boutique style brand that can only be purchased through a Paisley Raye stylist's private boutique.  There are no ugly prints with this company *Hallelujah* and sure, there will be some that aren't your personal style but they are all gorgeous and the quality you would expect while window shopping downtown.  Price range is incredible for made in America clothing at $24-$80 per piece (y'all, Made in America is EXPENSIVE to produce!). 

Paisley Raye is a Direct Sales/ MLM company (not a fucking pyramid scheme..seriously look up the definition before you start slinging that phrase around) that is designed to allow a stylist to make a decent income just selling the product without the need to build a team or down line. But the most important thing you can get from a MLM company is the support and sisterhood from other business owners and/or teammates that you just can't get running your own solo boutique.

Paisley Raye is the perfect hybrid of MLM and independent boutique ownership. I have the ability to build a team/down-line (yes, you do make money from this) and create an incredible community full of strong, brilliant, women to share this journey with but also have the independence of my own business.  I still had to get an business license,Tax ID/ EIN,  re-sellers license (allows me to purchase from whole sellers and collect sales tax from customers) and build my own online storefront/website. But the best thing? I am allowed to source and sell anything else I want to carry in my boutique to sell along side the Paisley Raye clothing!! Jewelry, bags, candles, whatever the fuck I want (Aside from other clothing...can't do that. I basically signed a contract that I would only purchase from Paisley Raye for clothing)! If you want to know more about this opportunity you can join my Opportunity FB group HERE or you can send me a message, I am happy to chat about all the details including the low start up costs.

Why I left LuLaRoe for Paisley Raye - Ciao Bella Boutique, Virginia Beach, VA

Now, why did I leave LuLaRoe?

I get asked this question a lot because I was a successful retailer but to keep this short...

I fell out of love with their product, ugly prints upon ugly prints and styles that did not stay up with current fashion trends. Lets not even talk about the blood baths that were new product launches....

I felt they had poor business tactics and very little experience in the industry.

They had a ridiculous amount of limitations on how I could run "My Business". 

The culture became extremely catty and negative.

They grew way to big way too fast. At one point I believe they had 80,000+ consultants in the US... did you know there are only 14,000 McDonald restaurants in the USA.... chew on that for a minute!! 

In a sense, I personally outgrew LuLaRoe and wanted to start my own independent boutique and then Paisley Raye landed in my lap! I started Paisley Raye in February of 2018 as stylist #52... yes FIFTY TWO! Best business decision I ever made! 

Why I left LuLaRoe and joined Paisley Raye. What is Paisley Raye? www.darksidefashion.com


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