The New Paisley Raye Amethyst

The New Paisley Raye Amethyst

The new Paisley Raye Amethyst has just landed in the boutique and it is better than I imagined! You are going to want to snag a few of these to add to your wardrobe arsenal.

The Amethyst is the perfect Kimono. Like all Paisley Raye pieces there is that extra attention to detail when it comes to finishing/hemming a garment. The sleeves have a fantastic 4 inch hem that adds weight allowing it to drape down beautifully.  The overall Kimono seems to cup inward almost like a loose hug that actually creates a gorgeous feminine drape adding both a dramatic and luxurious vibe. 

Paisley Raye Amethyst and Rose Dress

Kimonos can be worn with anything and can turn any ho-hum-average outfit into something extra... a power cape of sorts lol. I love mine in the summer with a tank and shorts or over my bathing suit. Hello beach! I know it's still cold and dreary in most areas right now, but this kimono is the perfect length to even add over long sleeve tops and dresses. Seriously, I put mine on and I feel like I am a rich bitch living in a mansion overlooking the sea ... butler fix me a drink! 

Paisley Raye AmethystPaisley Raye Amethyst

You can see the inventory I have available HERE.

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Oh, I almost forgot, these beauties are a steal at only $43 a pop!!! What?! See, now you can snag more than one! ;) 

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  • Francesca Schwarz
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