Paisley Raye Dahlia Tea Dress!

Paisley Raye Dahlia Tea Dress!

The Paisley Raye Dahlia Tea Dress

Paisley Raye Dahlia Dress

Reach back in time and grab that fabulous retro vibe! This dress gives me ALL THE FEELS! So, this dress, the Paisley Raye Dahlia dress, has my black heart. I feel like I could wear it every day! The faux wrap dress look with the empire waistband just radiates sexy! Show off your girls with what I call, the nifty boob slings! Seriously, I lift a boob up and sling the boob pocket under and the girls are set to go! No accidental flashing of some innocent bystander, but they are still perky and separate. ;)  They have this nice gather just at collar bone level to give that extra fabric to cup your...cups!

 This dress is made from DTY fabric that is super soft (double brushed) and super stretchy. Don't forget those incredible pockets! Seriously, I am getting spoiled with the pockets! I expect there to be pockets in everything now and when there isn't, my hands have no clue what to do! Remember, Italian girl here... my hands move... A LOT!

Paisley Raye Dahlia Dress

 I feel bad ass bitch domestic in this dress! Like, I need to go vacuum and clean the house in my heels and pearls....almost...okay no, not really. The thought did cross my mind. ;) This beautiful Paisley Raye Dahlia dress retails for $63, and I find that quite a steal for the quality and detail that was crafted into this dress. I used to shop frequently with a well known rockabilly/retro boutique, and they carry a very similar dress HERE, and I can assure you, it's nowhere near as comfortable as this Paisley Raye Dahlia.

Paisley Raye Dahlia Dress

 I know you need this beauty in your closet! Check out my boutique to get one for yourself! Click HERE to see what I currently have in stock!

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